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Dallas Businessman - Jim Thompson

February 22, 2019
Jim Thompson Dallas

Dallas resident, Jim Thompson has developed over 39 years of business acumen and brings a plethora of skills to his current position of Chairman and CEO. These roles have difficult tasks such as forecasting for development and growth as well as making big decisions that affect both the company and also its employees. In order to be prepared for these types of processes, one must have years of business experience and also a passion for hard work and problem solving. As the founder of Dallas based Preston Hollow Capital, LLC (PHC), Jim Thompson used many of the skills that he worked hard to develop in the financial services industry.

While he serves as both its Chairman and CEO currently, prior to these roles, he was CEO of a diversified financial services firm. He spent over 22-year leading the firm’s growth to more than fourteen hundred employees as well as assets of $5 billion. That $5 billion was on top of an additional $28 billion that the company possessed in third party assets that were under their management. Jim Thompson knew that in order to achieve these kinds of goals he needed to pursue a dual strategy of investments in fixed income credit and acquisitions of operating companies in a variety of industries such as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors. Jim Thompson brings this track record and strategies to Preston Hollow Capital, LLC and looks forward to repeating the success he had with the financial firm there.