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CEO Jim Thompson & Dallas Based Firm PHC

February 23, 2019
Jim Thompson Dallas

Going from an established business to a new business venture takes courage as well as confidence. It takes time to develop a career that can bring you to the title of CEO and while Jim Thompson did spend years developing his skills and working his way up the ladder at ORIX USA Corp., he was ready to dive into something new. Jim Thompson really found a home in the business world of Dallas, TX. He worked hard to master things like strategy, leadership and problem solving. As his skills increased, so did his title. Prior to this year, he worked for twenty-two years at ORIX USA Corp. and worked his way to the position of CEO and President. In these roles, he found an absolute enjoyment for problem solving and that combined with his passion for overcoming challenges encouraged him to branch off and start something new.

Jim Thompson now serves as the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President at Preston Hollow Capital (PHC). In this role, he gets to build everything about the company from scratch. Everything from staffing, to office selection and business strategy gets to be decided and planned out and that is a very excited position for Jim Thompson to be in. He still gets to maintain his love for Dallas, TX as he has chosen to base his company out of Dallas. While he will look back fondly at his time at ORIX USA Corp., he also looks forward to the new adventure of starting his own firm.